Here are some solutions to the lastest frequently asked questions!

  • What are the current rates of the servers?
    Unless specified, all GamesCampus RF Online servers normally have the following rates:

    3X (300%) EXP
    3X (300%) PT
    3X (300%) Drop
    3X (300%) Animus
    1X (100% Mining

    Please note that the base server rate is 1X (100%). Any rate-increasing items such a Abundance Jades, Premium Service Tokens, etc. will be based off the the base server rate. Additionally, they stack additively with any server rate events going on, not multiplicatively. 

    1 Abudance Jade - increases your EXP by 20%.
    0.2 (1 Abundance Jade) X 1 (base server rate) + 3 (current server rate) = 3.2X total EXP.

    5 Abundance Jades
    (0.2 X 5) (5 Abundance Jades) X 1 (base server rate) + 3 (current server rate) = 4X total EXP.

    5 Abundance Jades during a 400% EXP event
    (0.2 X 5) (5 Abundance Jades) X 1 (base server rate) + 4 (event server rate) = 5X total EXP.

  • Run RF in Administrator Mode
    RF Online requires you to start the game in Administrator Mode. If not, GameGuard will close your launcher, making it impossible to play the game.

    If you are having trouble running the program in Administration mode, please follow the steps below:

    Option 1
    1. Right click the launcher icon (RFOnline.exe)
    2. Click "Run as Administrator"

    Option 2
    1. Right click the launcher icon (RFOnline.exe)
    2. Click "Properties"
    3. Click "Compatibility"
    4. Click "Run this program as an administrator"

    Option 3
    1. Download the updated launcher here
    2. Open the folder where your game client is located. By default, this should be at "C:\RFOnline"
    3. Replace the file "RF" with the newly downloaded launcher.
    4. Double click the new launcher icon to play. You will now be prompted to run the game in Administrator Mode automatically.
    Please do not hesitate to send us a DQA if you have any more questions or issues.

    Thank you for playing RF Online!
    RF Online Support Team
  • Recovering Account Information
    If you have forgotten your account information you will be asked for several pieces of information that you used to sign up for your account. Remember that when you created your account you agreed to provide accurate information and that you would update it whenever the information changes. The following information will be required to provide you with specific information on your account:

    -First Name
    -Last name
    -Zip code
    -E-mail address
    -Phone number
    -Date of Birth
    -Account ID
    -Character(s) on the account, their level(s) and race(s)

    Once this information is provided and if it is accurate to your sign up information, we will provide detailed support on your account problem. However, if any of the information is incorrect we will not provide support and we will assume that the account is not owned by the poster.

    All posts must be made via DQA. If you can't log in to the account you wish to recover information from, please create a new temporary account to message from and include in your message the original account name. Information can be altered after we confirm your account ownership.

    Bear in mind that false claims will not be tolerated. Asking for information for an account which is not yours will be followed by a permanent account ban on all accounts associated with your domain/IP.
  • Compressed Talic Crystal Packs
    Our policy regarding Compressed Talic Crystal pack has been changed. 
    We require you now to have 20 (twenty) Compressed Talic packs before we are willing to break them down. 
    You will receive 40 Talic Crystals upon obtaining 20 Compressed Talic crystal packs and submitting a DQA. 
    We apologize for any frustration this may cause.

    We are no longer decompressing Talic Crystal Compressed Packages.  Due to User abuse we have completely stopped this option for DQA

    This item is intended to be used for 65 intense armors.  Please use them for such.

    We apologize for any frustration this causes.  
    Thank you for playing RF Online!
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