Here are some solutions to the lastest frequently asked questions!

  • Sending GameGuard Folder Personalized Fix
    Having GameGuard issues?
    You can search through the forums or the FAQ
    , but you can also turn in your GameGuard files to us. We will send them to GameGuard directly and let you know what the problem is.

    1. Find your GameGuard folder
    a. Locate where your RF Online client is saved. By default, it should be in your “C” drive. (C: --> GameCampus --> RFOnline
    b. Open the “GameGuard” folder.

    c. Zip your "GameGuard folder (optional, but preferred)

    2. Upload these files onto a third party site.
    Unfortunately, our DQA system does not accept large files, so you will have to upload them to a third party website.
    We recommend using any of these websites (Free, and no registration required!):

    3. Send us a DQA with a download link.
    The GameGuard team will analyze your “.erl” files and let you know what the problem is and how to fix it.
    We encourage everyone to send in their GameGuard folder to us. If a widely used program, such as an anti-virus program, is preventing players from playing RF Online, the GameGuard team will make modifications for GameGuard. This will not be possible unless we receive these files from RF Online players.
  • GameGuard Error Messages

    Here's a list of common Game Guard error messages and solutions that may help you. The Game Guard Direct FAQ will also be listed at the very bottom for your reference.

    Error Message 100
    Solution- PC is infected with virus, spyware, adware, and/or malware. Please update the vaccine t a recent version and process an overall scan. If the error code still appears after the scan, it could be a virus that the current vaccine cannot detect.

    Error Message 114
    Solution- There may be a program that is occupying a big portion of your CPU or video driver and/or the sound driver may not be up to date. Please cure all viruses, spyware, adware, and/or malware, then update the drivers to recent version

    Error Message 124, 150, 153
    Solution- Please update the GameGuard files (GameGuard.des and GameName.ini) manually

    Error Message 350
    Solution- Close the launcher and re-try. Error message is due to the program being closed while it is still updating

    Error Message 360
    Solution- Right click on the hard disk drive- tools- disk scan- and erase the entire GameGuard folder. Manually download the patch files and run the game

    Error Message 361
    Solution- Pleae check your internet settings and wiring. Check whether you are using any security programs such as itop. Please check whether you need any verificatin before connecting to the internet.

    Error Message 380
    Solution 1- Download the GameGuard installation files and try re-installing. If you are using Windows XP service pack 2, check the firewall settings. In some cases, it could be solved by re-booting the PC
    Solution 2- Firewall programs such as Sygate Firewall may be blocking GameGuard. Start the corresponding firewall(s), and check whether GameGuard.des is included in the "Blocking List"

    Game Guard FAQ
  • Login failure: try later
    The login failure message covers a lot of different situations, so here is a short troubleshooting guide to help you figure out your specific issue. We are working on replacing each issue with its own detailed message.

    1. Your account is inactive
    This situation is for older GamesCampus accounts. If you have been away for a while your account may have a block on it to prevent it from being stolen while you are away. You can unblock your account by visiting ... e=rfonline and filling out the form there. Note that game verification is separate from website verification so you may need to do it again.

    2. Too many accounts have connected from your IP address today
    Only a certain number of accounts can be accessed from an IP addrees per day. You can check if this applies to you by waiting for 24 hours and then logging in again. If this is your issue there is nothing the GM team can do to release the block. You must wait for 24 hours for it to clear.

    3. You are banned
    You can check on this on this page.

    4. You entered the wrong password
    Make sure you enter the correct password. If you are unsure, change it here (Link!). The password is case sensitive

    5. Something else entirely
    The 3 issues above do not cover all of the reasons you might get this message. If you have tried all the above, please send us a DQ&A clearly explaining what you have tried so we can help you to troubleshoot.
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