Sparkling Sale

Date Apr 12, 2013 Views 9,009
Apr 12, 2013 14:00 ~ Apr 14, 2013 23:59
It's the sparkling Jewely Box Elemental Upgrader Sale!
Take advantage of this sale while you can! Now is the chance to increase your dodge, defense ,and attack!
Items on Sale
Blessed Jewelry Boxes – 30% OFF!
Blessed Lucky Jewelry Boxes – 30% OFF!
What are Jewelry Boxes?
Jewelry Boxes contain Elemental Upgraders.
Blessed Jewelry Boxes contain Unstable Elemental Upgraders, and Blessed Lucky Jewelry Boxes contain Stable Elemental Upgraders.
Which Elementals Can I Upgrade?
You can only upgrade the perfect elementals, which are the following:
Bellato Cora Accretia
20% Attack Amulet 20% Attack + 25% Defense Earring 25% Attack + 25% Defense Headset
25% Defense Amulet 20% Attack + 20 Dodge Earring 25% Attack + 20 Dodge Headset
20 Dodge Amulet 20% Defense + 20 Dogde Earring 25% Defense + 20 Dodge
20% Attack + 25% Defense Ring 20% Attack Ring 25% Attack + 25% Defense Ring
20% Attack + 20 Dodge Ring 25% Defense Ring 25% Attack + 20 Dodge Ring
20% Defense + 20 Dodge Ring 20 Dodge Ring 25% Defense + 20 Dodge Ring
What’s the Difference Between Stable and Unstable Upgraders?
Stable Elemental Upgraders will upgrade your item with a 100% success rate.
Unstable Elemental Upgraders have a high possibly of upgrading your item, but they can also destroy your item as well.
What is the Benefit of Purchasing Unstable Upgraders over Stable ones?
Unstable Upgraders have a higher chance for your item (weapon, armor, elemental, etc) to be upgraded to the better possible outcome.
For example, if you have an Ignorance Unstable Upgrader 2-6, the chances of your weapon upgrading to the higher end, such as +5 or +6, is higher than using Ignorance Stable Upgraders., which has a higher chance of upgrading only to +2 or +3.
Unstable Upgraders have a possibility of failing and destroying your item, so plan out your upgrading methods wisely.

Blessed Lucky Jewelry Boxes can randomly produce one of the following:

Bellato Cora Accretia
Stable Elemental Spirits Appendix Upgrader Stable Elemental Mind Earring Upgrader Stable Elemental Power Earmuff Upgrader
Stable Elemental Mind Appendix Upgrader Stable Elemental Curse Earring Upgrader Stable Elemental Pliant Earmuff Upgrader
Stable Elemental Tum Appendix Upgrader Stable Elemental Den Earring Upgrader Stable Elemental Hue Earmuff
Stable Elemental Spirits Bracelet Upgrader Stable Elemental Glow Earring Upgrader Stable Elemental Mighty Bracelet Upgrader
Stable Elemental Tum Bracelet Upgrader Stable Elemental Curse Armlet Upgrader Stable Elemental Hue Bracelet Upgrader
Stable Elemental Mind Bracelet Upgrader Stable Elemental Mild Armlet Upgrader Stable Elemental Pliant Bracelet Upgrader
Stable Elemental El Bracelet Upgrader Stable Elemental Den Armlet Upgrader Stable Elemental Power Bracelet Upgrader
Blessed Jewelry Boxes can randomly produce one of the following:

Bellato Cora Accretia
Unstable Elemental Spirits Appendix Upgrader Unstable Elemental Mind Earring Upgrader Unstable Elemental Power Earmuff Upgrader
Unstable Elemental Mind Appendix Upgrader Unstable Elemental Curse Earring Upgrader Unstable Elemental Pliant Earmuff Upgrader
Unstable Elemental Tum Appendix Upgrader Unstable Elemental Den Earring Upgrader Unstable Elemental Hue Earmuff
Unstable Elemental Spirits Bracelet Upgrader Unstable Elemental Glow Earring Upgrader Unstable Elemental Mighty Bracelet Upgrader
Unstable Elemental Tum Bracelet Upgrader Unstable Elemental Curse Armlet Upgrader Unstable Elemental Hue Bracelet Upgrader
Unstable Elemental Mind Bracelet Upgrader Unstable Elemental Mild Armlet Upgrader Unstable Elemental Pliant Bracelet Upgrader
Unstable Elemental El Bracelet Upgrader Unstable Elemental Den Armlet Upgrader Unstable Elemental Power Bracelet Upgrader
How do you Use an Elemental Upgrader?
Bring your perfect Elemental that you wish to upgrade and the upgrader to the Hero NPC. Combine these items by paying 1000 race currency at the Hero NPC.
Upgraders only work on perfect elementals once. If your elemental has already been upgraded above a perfect elemental, you cannot upgrade it again.