New Server: Dash of the TITANS

Date Apr 03, 2013 Views 50,612
Apr 16, 2013 23:00 ~ Jul 16, 2013 21:00
Great job everyone! Winners will be announced this Friday. The GM team will be reviewing all logs.
Thank you for participating in "Dash of the Titans!"

If you would like to share any information about any cheaters, glitchers, or shared accounts, we would very much appreciate it if you can send it through a DQA. Reporters will remain anonymous. Any reports received after the announcement of the winners will be disregarded. Thank you!

Introducing the new event server, TITAN!
Now is the time! You have exactly three months to show off everything you've got! Titan, a new server, will be opening after April 16th's maintenance. If you are the player with the highest level after three months, you will be rewarded handsomely with a LEVEL 55 +5 LEON WEAPON. Do you have what it takes? Will you be the one to bring home the prize? Will you be worshipped by the rest of your race?

Event Duration
April 16th's maintenance – July 16th's maintenance

pst to est time

Update 6/27/13: As the top leveler of this event, the winner will be getting a level  55 +5 Leon weapon. We’ve realized for a while that this weapon will be extremely overpowered, especially in a new server like Titan. No matter which person wins it, the entire race will end up being completely dependent on that weapon. Not only that, but there will also be huge balance issues between the three races.
Therefore, after much internal discussion, instead of lowering the prize for the first place winner, rewards for 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place winners will be modified to be a bit stronger.  This way, the balance will be much better, resulting in better competition, PvP, and gameplay. The changed prizes are listed below.

RF Online GM Team

Top Leveler of all of Titan:
Level 55 +5 Leon Weapon of your choice

Top Leveler of the other two races
Level 55 +5 Rare D Weapon of your choice
Second Place (3 winners total, 1 from each race)
Level 55 +5 Intense Weapon of your choice
Level 55 +6 Intense Weapon of your choice

Third Place (3 winners total, 1 from each race)
Level 55 +4 Intense 55 Weapon of your choice
Level 55 +5 Intense 55 Weapon of your choice

Fourth Place (3 winners total, 1 from each race)
Level 55 +3 Superior Protection Shield
Fifth Place (3 winners total, 1 from each race)
Level 50 +5 Intense Weapon of your choice
Level 50 +6 Intense Weapon of your choice

Plus, all 15 of these winners (5 from each race) will receive an exclusive RF Online hoodie!*
Server Rates
Server rates are the following (they are the same rates as both Elmer and Excelsior)
3X Drop
3X Animus
Need An Extra Boost?
The GMs will be giving out armor sets to help you on your adventure! Click here for more details!
You may not abuse ANY map glitches or other in-game bugs.
No GvG glitching.
Only one (1) Operation-N (OPN) quest per day.
No Compressed Talic Crystal Package exchanges.
You may not buy any gold or currency from gold sellers.
You must follow the other rules that apply to both Elmer and Excelsior (see the FAQ section of more details)

These rules will be updated constantly before the opening of the new server, so continue to check back often!
Failure to follow these rules may result in permanent bans, temporary bans, deletion of characters, deleveling, disqualifications of all event rewards, and/or removal of items.
The top players' levels will be posted every once in a while on our website.

* RF Online Hoodies are only available for players inside the US. If you are one of these top 15 players and live outside of the US, we will send you the equivalent amount of CC instead.