Holy Alliance CORA

Corites depend on their god Decem for power and wisdom. They focus on the spiritual realm and don’t appreciate mechanics as much as Bellato or Accretia.
Cora offers four classes you can choose from: Warrior, Ranger, Spiritualist, and Specialist.
Level 30 Class Promotions  

Champions are the ally’s main force Infantry. They can handle anything that is related to weapons using both hands, and are considered to be the standard alliance class.

Class skill(s):

Power Up: Increases critical hit percentage for a short period.

Faith: Instantly increases all offense and defense.

They prefer to hold single handed weapons and shields, having resemblance with the union soldier Miler. Moreover, they are considerably intelligent, uses right amount of force, and have many more playable styles. (They are similar to the Paladins in the Middle Ages)

Class skill(s):

Relax: An instant increase of evasion, defense, and shield block percentage.

Vampire Groan: As a skill of groaning vampire, you absorb some of enemy’s health.

Disability Forcing: Elevate a monster’s AP in order to allure it and make them attack the one who cast the spell.
Level 40 Class Promotions    

Templars are the sacred champions who have been blessed with maximum physical ability. Their superior physical strength, such as strong attacks, instant power and speed, are known to be fearful targets against the enemies.

Class skill(s):
Full Swing: Crushes opponent with a full swing using every strength and centrifugal force.

Splint: Charges for a short period.

Grace: Increases one’s strength and accuracy rate for a short period.

They are the guardians of the Decem temple. The Guardians judge those who are disobedient towards the Decem’s will. They are fearful warriors who drop the criminals’ strength, and judge them with exceptional dexterity.

Class skill(s):
Quick Change: Used to shorten the delay of one’s skills and reduces the burden that runs through the body.

Muscle Break: Damages the opponent’s muscle joints and weakens their strength.


Black Knight
Black Knights have been blessed by the dark force. The Black Knights fight with illusion effects from blessings of the dark force. They can cast illusions on themselves to build up dreadful defense or on enemies and cause hallucination, making them attack without persistency.

Class skill(s):
Hypnotic Power: Casts an illusion telling oneself is mortal and increases one’s defense.

Shout: Increases the AP in a certain area and makes them attack the one who cast the spell.

Level 30 Class Promotions  
Archers can use various long-distance weapons except guns. Since they have positive response to arrows and negative response to guns, they are highly considered archers.
Class skill(s):
Hold: Paralyzes enemies for a short period.

First Strike Shot: Attack long distant enemies with arrows.                                                                                             
Hunters are considered half-alliance class. They started out by putting aversion from guns to psychological problems, and were created by Accretian and Bellato gun users. Although they use arrows, they are more attached with guns and can develop themselves on using balanced form of skills.

Class skill(s):
Extinction: Become invisible
Trapping: Ability to set traps (Passive skill)
Find Trap: Lets you find invisible traps.
Level 40 Class Promotions    

The Adventurers love to explore the fields of the kingdom; having long-distance eye sights and senses like a beast. For these abilities they are recognized as the best archers in Cora.

Class skill(s):
Precise Striking: Increases one’s strength and accuracy rate by concentration.

Correct Eye: Increases long-distance attacks by using force to see clearer within longer distance.


The heathen of Kora, who thinks only about themselves, has the ability to confuse the opponent. The Stealers are recognized by those who have exceptional viability; never hesitate to perform dishonorable acts, and bishops who elevate their abilities. They are currently accepted as a class.

Class skill(s):
Dead Illusion: They pretend to be dead, making the opponent think they are really dead. (unable to target)

Heat Confusion: Shows visions that confuse the opponent’s mentality, reducing the maximum FP and maximizes FP consumption.

Blink Illusion: Concentrates all power into evasiveness while it reduces strength.

Can set traps up to level 35.

They are secretive assassins in Decem temple. The Assassin can secretively infiltrate anywhere and assassinate the opponent’s important figures.

Class skill(s):
Silent Step: Hide behind the enemy’s back and strike the vital spot with one hit. The enemy faints after getting hit.

Trap Box: Extends the bag which carries traps that one can activate. (Passive Skill)

Level 30 Class Promotions  
Casters, so called Battle force casters, usually prefer to use offensive force in combats. The use of fire, water, earth and wind forces have resemblance with the Belato’s Chandra, but they are known as a destructive class since they have a special dark force which is extremely hostile,

Class skill(s):
Concentration: Increases force strength using mental concentration.

Summoners basically have Spiritualist abilities. Thus they can use all kinds of forces, and they have a special ability to summon Animus.

Class skill(s):

Level 40 Class Promotions    

Calms down one’s mind which allows more accurate use of force, also increasing the critical rate as well as the accuracy rate.

Class skill(s):
Meditation: Calms down one’s mind which allows more accurate use of force, also increasing the critical rate as well as the accuracy rate.

Stone Curse: Turns the opponent into stone, sealing up their movements. After turning into a stone, none of the force/physical attacks will take effect.

Striking Force: Create an object with one’s force and throw it at the opponent. It is similar to Bellato Wizard’s fundamental skill, but the Warlocks argue that it is different.

Dark Priest
Dark Priests, known as the official of Decem, acts with tactics for the ally’s survival. With their help in battles, the survival rate has increased.

Class skill(s):
Force Shield: Creates a shield with Decem’s divine protection force. By using the shield, FP is used for damage instead of one’s

Return Gate: Teleports party members to previous binding point.

Escape: Teleports yourself to your binding point.


Graziers are the ones who have shared more mutual response with the Animi of outer world. They can freely send or summon the Animi from outer world.

Class skill(s): 
Animus Rest: Allows the Animi, who have been sealed in the force river, to take a long break.

Fast Recall: Concentrates on one’s force to reduce the delay time on summoning Animus.

Maximum Summon: Concentrates one’s force at Animus, and allows the Animus to show its true power (Increased strength).
Level 30 Class Promotion

Craftsmen are suppliers who specialize mining, processing, manufacturing, and upgrading. Hence, they are usually assorted as a non-fighter, and can lead the game with great economic foundation.

Class skill(s):
Set Guard Tower: A license to build a guard tower. (Passive skill)
Level 40 Class Promotion

Artists are responsible for supplying goods; the commodities they make have been highly appreciated for the artistic beauty.

Class skill(s):
Gage Recovery: Repairs a target’s damaged armor and recovers DP to the maximum.
Rebirth: Brings back life by using items that can recuperate an ally.