Holy Alliance CORA

Accretians left their human bodies for stronger mechanical ones. They cannot use Force, but they have extremely strong defense and supporting armors instead.
Accretia offers three classes you can choose from: Warrior, Ranger, and Specialist.
Level 30 Class Promotions  
Destroyers are equipped with disastrous mechanism. They use all short-distance weapons, and as an imperial soldier, their class has the most standard play.

Class Skill(s):
Mangle: Locks-on an opponent, operating your stamina to constantly attack violently towards the enemy.
Shield Battery: Enhances recovery for a short period.

Gladiuses prefer using shields to balance both defense and offense. They resemble with Cora’s Black Knights and Bellato’s Miler. The only difference is that Gladiuses use a shield.

Class Skill(s):
Mega Shield: Increases defense and shield protection percentage for a short period.
Rapid: Shortens delay when attacking, allowing faster attacks.
Illedate: Elevate a monster’s health  in order to allure it.
Level 40 Class Promotions    

The Punishers are the ones who fight with biological forces. They take advantage of the opponent’s weak spot, with skills that do endless damage or tie the opponent’s legs. Such skills make them a fearful target to both allies and union soldiers.
Class Skill(s):
Rage Blow: Blows a strike at the opponent, making them bleed. The opponent keeps on getting damage while the bleeding stanches up.
Magnetic Net: Throws a capsule that makes a magnetic net towards the opponent to cease their movements.
Magnetic Arm: Increases one’s strength and accuracy rate for a short period.

Accretia’s main Attacker class. With mighty strength and outstanding durability, they can manage to take part as the main Damage-dealer, and as the Tanker.

Class Skill(s):
Capacity Engine: Performs one’s maximum release to enhance strength for a certain amount of time.
Limit Gage: Increases one’s defense gage for a certain amount of time.


A class constructed to fight against force. The Mercenary is made with a body with interior frame that encounters the union soldiers  and the ally’s force.

Class Skill(s):
Powerful Element: Instantly covers one’s body with force whereas strengthening the force effects.
Excel Charger: Elevates energy efficiency which enhances the basic effect of HP charger to have a better effect.
Cry: Increases the AP in a certain area and makes them attack the one who cast the spell.

Level 30 Class Promotions  
Gunners are equally good with both close- and long-distance combat and also use launchers.

Class Skill(s):
Flash Bang: Using flash grenade effect that hinders the opponent’s sight for a certain period, making the opponent loose target. It is highly functional in hunting.
Amining Launcher: Oppresses the enemy with launchers that are stronger than regular attack.
Compound Siege: Oppresses the enemy with stronger launchers using Siege kit.
Scouters are used appropriately in both combat and non-combat situations. Thus they have the appropriate long-distance combat skills including other various skills. They can also install and uninstall traps, not to mention the ability to find traps. They mainly use skills related to traps and other various kinds.

Class Skill(s):
Invisible: Allows one’s body to become invisible for a short period. The skill has developed from hiding a person to hiding oneself from the enemies.
Trapping: It is proof that they can create a trap that can harm the opponents. (Passive skill)
Find Trap: Lets you find invisible traps.
Level 40 Class Promotions    

Strikers are known to be the strongest in Accretia; namely, the launcher’s fate. They are in any ways specialized to handle launchers. They are the main offense group of Accretia.
Class Skill(s):

Desperation Launcher: Initiates a big blast using launcher.
Siege Mastery: Adjusts one’s gear for suitability on siege mode, while increasing attack.
Mighty Blast Siege: Instantly delivers continuous attack in Siege mode.


Dementer belongs to an organization with a tactical goal of confusing the opponent or supporting the ally. If they were to serve the Empire, they would sacrifice themselves without hesitation.

Class Skill(s):
Pray Explosion: Performs a sacrificial self-destruction with their engine, giving damage to all enemies that are within surrounding range.

Gate Capsule: Sets up a gate which sends party members to their previous binding point.

Can set traps up to level 35.

Phantom Shadow
Phantom Shadow squad takes small scale movements in order to attack on the enemy’s back. If the enemies encounter one of the Phantom Shadow, it is no different from encountering their doom.
Class Skill(s):
Illusion Attack: Hide behind the enemy’s back and strike the vital spot with one hit.
Trap Box: Extends the bag which carries traps that one can activate. (Passive Skill)


Level 30 Class Promotion
Engineers have a thread of connection with other race Craftsmen. Although mining, processing, manufacturing, and upgrading are the base skills, their basic ability itself is superior compared to other race, because they can handle other various abilities; they are a true class of multiform.
Class Skill(s):
Set Guard Tower: Ability to build guard towers.
Level 40 Class Promotions  

Accretians were in charge of construction only, but the Scientists have been rebuilt to supports their allies. They are greatly skilled in producing weapons that they don’t need any improvements on their abilities.

Class Skill(s):
Instant Repair: Brings back life by using items that can recuperate an ally.
 Gage Recovery: Repairs a target's damaged armor and recovers DP to the maximum.


Battle Leader
Battle Leaders use machines to protect their allies rather than producing using it for production. They take a big part in combats by increasing ally’s abilities, and decreases opponent’s abilities.

Class Skill(s):
Nimble Joint: Loosen up the target’s muscle joint for faster running speed for a short period.
Solid Mode: Turns into gold and take no damage from any attacks, but cannot do anything for a short period.
Gage Down: A remedy that influences the target’s armor effects while reduces the maximum gage.