About RF
RF Online features four distinct classes. You determine your class when you first create your character.

The warrior class is robust, determined, and perfect for melee battles. They prefer melee weapons, shield, and strong armor. They have the most amount of HP within all the classes. They are able to survive on taking tanking roles due to their strong defense.

Health Excellent
Force Normal
Stamina Poor
Rangers are gifted with long-distance fighting abilities. They have high accuracy and agility and specialize in long-range weapons such as guns and bows. They are able to run the fastest, giving them head starts and can quickly run away from danger. They prefer lighter shields that support their mobility.

Health Normal
Force Normal
Stamina Excellent
Spiritualists rely on magic and forces. This class is not available to Accretians.

Health Poor
Force Excellent
Stamina Normal
Specialists do not participate in battles and wars. Instead, they focus their time and energy in producing armor and weapons to help their race become stronger.

Health Normal
Force Normal
Stamina Normal
Characters can have two or more classes interchangeably. For example, a warrior can train to become a ranger. This allows more abilities and actions which can help in hunting, PvP, and RvR.
Be careful of which class you choose for your character. Once you set your character’s class and promotions, it can only changed by two ways:

1. Use a potion that allows you to redefine your character’s class. This potion is only available in the cash shop.
2. Talk to the “Hero” NPC in your race’s HQ and click “Redefine Class.” This option is only available during certain events. You can check RF Online’s current events here.

Changes Caused by Redefining Classes
Stats will revert your character back to the status quo previous to the promotion. This includes:
1. HP, SP, and FP increases
2. Class Skills
3. Battle, Skill, and Force PT increases
Dual-classes can use the skills of the re-promoted class if it re-promoted to a single class.