Ignorance Good Box

Increase Weapon Attack


  • Subtotal : 390 CC
  • Your account : 100 CC
  • After purchasing : You need 290 CC


Ignorance Good Boxes contain an unstable upgrader that will upgrade your weapon with keen talic(s).

Unstable upgraders can result in unsucessful upgrades, but have a higher chance for your weapon to be upgraded to the better possible outcome.
For example, an Unstable Upgrader 2-6 have higher chances of your weapon upgrading ot the higher end, such as +5 or +6, than a stable upgrader, which usually results in a +2 or +3.
As mentioned previously, unstable upgraders have a low possibility of failing and destroying your weapons, so plan out your upgrading methods wisely.

Bring the item that you wish to upgrade and the upgrader to the Hero NPC. Make sure your item has enough empty sockets. Combine these items by paying 1000 racial currency to the Hero NPC.
Upgraders only work on items that currently do not contain any talics. If your item already has talics in it, then you cannot use these upgraders. You either have to upgrade these items without an Item Mall Upgrader or remove the current Talics in your item with a "Restoration Talic."

Make sure to purchase the correct item for your race! You cannot use upgraders that are different from your race.

- This item is tradable.